SCP Sundays


Apologies for the late post, this week has been pretty hectic. I tried my hand at video this week, I hope to be able to provide a combination of photos / video for you all in the future. This is my first real attempt at doing video in years, and my first time using my gear for video. I welcome any critique / opinions / reactions to it, leave them in the comments section below. I'll be doing video next Sunday as well- I will have a second cameraman and some GoPros hopefully. Enjoy!

SCP Sundays


Sorry for the delay, I've been without reliable internet for the last day. This time around I tried to shoot a bit more D side, definitely got some winners. I will be experimenting with video over the next couple weeks so stay tuned. If you repost any of these, throw me a tag (@trevorwill) and include a link to the blog to spread the word. Cheers!