SCP Sundays

Haven't posted photos from SCP lately, sorry for the delay! I've been working on a few paintball related prospects, including photographing the second WCPPL event in San Diego. Here are the photos I've taken since the last post, enjoy!

WCPPL Oceanside

WCPPL Event #2 photos are here! I had an awesome time meeting new people and trying out some new things, mainly video. Big thanks to Mylo and Johnny for helping me with photos- I unfortunately couldn't cover as many bases this time around, so sorry if I didn't get a photo of you!

Depending on my arrangement with the WCPPL, I may be booking teams / players for future events, but ideally I will be covering as many players as possible on behalf of the WCPPL and keeping things free. In order to do this, I need you all to get the word out about me and spread the love! Feel free to repost any of these, just PLEASE give me a photo credit @trevorwill, and please don't filter them. Enjoy!

2 galleries, same as last time: